Logos! More than just a pretty face.

Did you know?

A logo with Brim Branding is born of a deep brand soul searching process facilitated by us. It’s not just about the design, baby! We make sure what’s on the outside matches authentically with what’s on the inside.

If you already know that a logo is a representation of your brand and not your *actual* brand, then you’re already a pro!

Our Logo Design Process

1.) Brand Discovery Session

We kick off our engagement with a 2-hour discovery session where we talk about your goals for your organization, who your ideal client is, your competitors, brand attributes, and what makes your brand unique.

2.) Brand Recipe

After our session, the Brim team takes 1-2 weeks to synthesize everything we talked about in the Brand Discovery Session and presents the resulting Brand Recipe, which mega brand playbook that contains your mission and positioning statements, elevator pitch, values, brand attributes, strategy, messaging (like taglines and headers), visual direction, and more.

3.) Logo

Once you approve your Brand Recipe, we shake it all together and create your logo! At this point, since we’ve experienced the Brand Discovery Session and Brand Recipe writing process together, you and Brim have a solid feel for what your brand is about. All of that points us toward a logo that is authentically born of an alignment of your brand’s positioning, attributes, and values.

Here are a few of the logos we’ve had the honor of designing with our fabulous clients:

Last few drops

Brim Branding’s authentic design process reveals a brand’s true ethos + expression. Delighting clients through our branding tonic, our process and thoughtful aesthetic connect with their ideal customers. We’re proud to help develop the brand identities of women-and-BIPOC-led startups in DEI, CPG, and media.

Need more than a sip? Let’s chat: Email aireen@brimbranding.com

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