What is a Stylescape?

A Stylescape is visual representation of how a brand will look and feel, using curated colors, typography, and images.

Coined by Chris Do, Founder & CEO of The Futur, a Stylescape bridges the gap between the brand founder’s ideas and the brand designer’s ideas. As The Future states, “Think of them as moodboards taken to the next level.”

Cool, so why not just call it a moodboard?

Where a moodboard is a collection of rough ideas and inspiration, a Stylescape showcases the brand’s proposed identity.

Why are Stylescapes important?

Since a Stylescape bridges the gap between a brand founder’s ideas and the brand designer’s ideas, a Stylescape avoids unpleasant surprises. By providing an opportunity for both client and designer to work hand-in-hand, a Stylescape shows how the brand will look in the real world.

Do I need a Stylescape?

Maybe! Or maybe not. If you’re happy with how your brand look flows, then you’re good! But if you feel like there’s a lack of cohesiveness, or you have a general icky feeling about why your brand doesn’t feel great but you don’t know why, then maybe a Stylescape can help.

Here are a few that we’ve done with our fabulous clients. (Actual size of each Stylescape: 56” x 10.5”)

Stylescapes are super fun to do.

For our clients, this is where all the soul-searching and deep-diving pay off. It’s fulfilling to see our clients’ eyes glow with the excitement of seeing their new brand come into being. Brim Branding’s complete To The Brim service offering includes Stylescapes. Up until the Stylescape part of the branding process, it can feel like all we’ve done is a ton of talking. The Stylescape part of the process is where we finally quench our thirst for visuals; that’s when the entirety of our brand messaging, brand values, and brand discoveries coalesce and come to life in a visual way.

The final Stylescape is so comprehensive, that you can take your complete Stylescape, show it to your other creative service providers, and they can create on-brand marketing materials for you right away.

No matter where you are in your branding process, a Stylescape has a place in your branding journey.

If you’re in the beginning stages of branding with no messaging or no logo, then the Stylescape would come after our Brand Discovery Session, write your Brand Recipe (which contains all your brand messaging), and then design your logo.

And if you already have established branding but are in need of a brand refresh, then we would have a Brand Re-Discovery Session and then channel any of the findings from there into your Stylescape.

If you have more questions about what a Stylescape can do for you, let’s chat: Email aireen@brimbranding.com

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