We’re Launching a Font Foundry!

Cool!! Wait, what’s a font foundry?

It’s a company that designs and distributes fonts.

That’s right! After a lifetime of using the fonts of others, we’re diving into the business of creating our own. We’re calling our font foundry…

Font Infusions percolates expressive fonts to empower creators and infuses stylish + funky, fun fonts into the Font Universe.


My first love was words and type, so it’s just as well that I’m revisiting my first love. In high school, I was VP of Calligraphy Club. (Darn right, we had a Calligraphy Club!) After a teacher saw calligraphy doodles and lettering in the margins of my notes, she hired me to pen her wedding invitations, thus launching my calligraphy business.

In college, Typography was my most challenging and rewarding course.

Through it all, I never stopped sketching letters. Whether I was on a call, designing logos, commuting on a train, or procrastinating, I was always sketching typefaces.

Amplifying Activist Voices

Like a lot of other businesses during lockdown, my reaction to these dire times was innovation. With the social turmoil of Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate (on top of a global pandemic), I was inspired by the resulting art and typography that arose from activists who were shaking up humanity, shining a light on the unseen, and sparking activism around the country and the world.

Between my 17 years of design experience and love of typography, I realized I could offer creative tools to those looking to amplify voices for social causes: I could create and publish my own fonts!

Starting Font Infusions is my humble way of supporting those with something meaningful to say.

I anticipate launching this summer. Stay tuned.

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