“I’m Sober Curious.” … What??

What’s the first thing most millennial women say after they find out they’re pregnant?

“You ARE the father!”

Okay, after that.

“OMG, I can’t drink for the next 9 months!”

I was always one to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with dinner most nights out of the week. I’m a Cooper’s Hawk Wine Club member, so it was usually a tasty red. My beverage branding career got its start in the spirits space, so our bar is steeped in a variety of spirits, and if we wanted a break from wine, then I shook up a cocktail.

But when I found out I was pregnant January 2018, the high octane beverages had to wait. How about yummy substitutes? I don’t drink soda, and I don’t drink juice. Schniekies. What am I supposed to drink besides still water??

Thankfully, when I attended BevNET Live in Winter 2018, I noticed a lot of the newer brands were aiming to provide an elevated beverage experience without the alcohol. As I delved more deeply into the growing set, I found there was an actual movement that summed up this desire to drink less: The Sober Curious Movement.

A term coined by author Ruby Warrington, the Sober Curious movement isn’t necessarily anti-drinking but is more looking to normalize the choice of NOT drinking without having to elicit suspicious side-eyeing or intrusive questions.

It also aims to provide the experience of enjoying food pairings as well as the social aspect of imbibing. Why should you have to settle for boring still water or sit at home alone just because you chose the healthier option of not drinking alcohol?

So, big winners of the Sober Curious movement include pregnant women. Yay!

I gave birth to my baby girl in September 2019, and although I now have the green light to imbibe, for a variety of reasons, I find myself opting for non-alcoholic alternatives more often.

Why do I choose to be sober curious?

1.) I’m breastfeeding. Yes, I can pump-and-dump, but it doesn’t feel great working to get all that liquid gold out only to pour it down the drain.

2.) I can’t bounce back from a hangover as quickly as I used to. I can get a headache just from one serving of a wine or spirit. Oy vey. Guess who has two thumbs and is no longer in her 20s? This gal.

3.) I’m tired of wasting time. Remember when you could afford to binge drink on a Saturday night and then spend Sunday wasting away in PJs, burritos, Gatorade, and regret? I do! With a new baby in tow, this is no longer an option. And it no longer sounds appealing.

If you find yourself being sober curious, get happy! You’re in great company, and there are plenty of delicious, varied options for you out there.

So the next time you’re out and decide not to drink and your friends give you a hard time, feel free to cite the Sober Curious movement. Flip the script and tell them that they’re the ones missing out!

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