Anxiety going back to work after maternity leave

I kept reading accounts of working women returning from maternity leave only to find no work waiting for them at the worst and stigmatized assumptions of their dedication to work at best. So, as necessary as I knew that it was to take my full leave, there was the underlying anxiety of my clients leaving me for other service providers.

I had already lost a handful of opportunities during my leave, but I calibrated my way of looking at those times from “opportunities lost” to “reminders that people still want to work with you!”

But the thing is, I never really stopped working completely. As a business owner, it’s just not feasible, and that’s okay. My actual design work was put on pause, but I was still managing payroll and writing up estimates.

I also must be honest and tell you right now: I very much look forward to going back to work. I get a sense of self by serving my clients. I also look forward to building my new routine with baby in my life.

It’s just three days before I officially go back to work full time after maternity leave, so the jury’s out on whether or not there is still the full amount of work for me. But I face this time with open attitude. Bottom line: We’ll see! I look forward to reporting back with a mid-year update.

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