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360 Brand Thinking

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The tonic to your branding headache is coming right up!







You found your one-stop creative branding shop.

Shaking up your brand identity with style + authenticity.


Brand Identity

Do you have your brand message, voice, and target customer? Sounds like you’re ready for a complete brand identity package.

- Logo (primary)
- Logo (secondaries)
- Logo Lockups
- Iconography
- Typography
- Color Palette
- Business Card
- Letterhead
- Branding Application Samples 
- Brand Guide

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So, what’s your secret sauce? We have a framework for finding out your distinct voice, audience, and what makes you “you.” After we’re done, you'll have a clear story that connects with your audience. We got you!

You’ve got your next big idea? Let us help you wow the world through engaging messaging, defined voice, and look of your brand. Before your launch, be ready with your brand message *and* your brand identity. Let’s impress!


Do you have a brand message, voice, and logo, but you need a visual mood board to have an idea of how it will all work together?

We can help! We have a framework for strategically combining text, color, and image to create a distinct look unique to your brand.

download an example

Just a splash

Brand Identity
Packaging Refresh
Sales Sheets

Brand Naming
Pitch Deck
Ads (Digital + Print)
Business Cards

Info card
Point-of-Sales (POS) Starter Kit
POS Materials


We’ll provide the elixir to cure those branding headaches. 



Whether you’re a start-up who needs branding from the ground up or an established brand who needs collateral, Brim Branding is the perfect tonic for your business. 


"We all have wings. just trust yourself to fly."
– Paula Rosales, Ceo, the Ocean Defenders, Philippines

Providing the branding tonic and creative expertise for entrepreneurs, woman-owned businesses and corporate creative teams, whether it’s brand development up to an ongoing engagement. 


The Mix of Our Expertise is Vast….

Supporting social justice and race equity advocates and DEI firms that are uplifting and educating on social issues. These clients are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplaces and transforming organizational cultures. 


Assisting in concisely and authentically defining and developing individuals personal brand including political candidates and elected officials. We help their mission-driven work shine! 


Our Branding Tonic

Raise a

But first,

Write your brand




We’ll hop on a virtual call over coffee or kombucha and see if we’re a good fit. I’ll ask about who you are, your business goals, pain points, how you determine success, and your budget. If we’re a good fit, fantastic! We’ll get to work.

No matter what level of engagement you choose, I’ll host a facilitated brand discovery session so we can align your brand with your ideal customers. The valuable insights that emerge help us strategize and design for them, making it easier for them to buy from you. (That’s what we want!)*

We take our insights from the brand discovery session to create a recipe for how to proceed, resulting in your Brand Recipe. This packed PDF will include positioning, brand attributes, customer profiles, and design deliverables that connect best with your ideal customers.*

With the Brand Recipe as our guide, we’ll design your deliverables. We’ll kick off each project with a creative brief and timeline. Ready to raise a glass? Let’s go!


 Let’s create your
brand tonic!

*If you’re an established brand and already have a fully decked brand book that contains your brand messaging, attributes, look and feel, your clearly defined target customers, and brand identity assets, great! We can skip to Step 4 and get started!


Immersive Process


Engaging Style



Brim Branding’s CEO designed and illustrated the 1st Facebook game for a major spirits brand.


Listen first so our clients feel heard 

Cultivating trust by inviting in exploration + vulnerability

Core of our brand ethos + design

Represented in all aspects of our process + design

360 brand thinking rooted in discovery, creativity + empathy

Supportive nature + instilling confidence to be your true self

“the potential for greatness lives within each of us.”
– wilma rudolph

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Our Recipe



Meet Our Founder + Lead Brand Designer

Brim Branding is a boutique design firm with a passion for shaking up style and creative culture. Our authentic design reveals a brand’s true ethos + expression. Delighting clients through our branding tonic, our process and thoughtful aesthetic connect with their ideal customers.

Raise a glass! Brim Branding is proud to help develop the brand identities of women-and-BIPOC-led startups in CPG, DEI, and cause-driven organizations.


As an award-winning veteran of brand design, I delight clients through our seamless branding recipe and thoughtful design aesthetic. I guide companies and individuals to express their true authentic brand + self with our ‘Branding Tonic’ through a mix of discovery, style, and empathy.

Specializing in graphic design, illustration, type design, print, and branding, I serve as a trusted design expert and strategist in a variety of verticals. From startups to Fortune 500s, I enjoy working within cause-driven organizations, Diversity, Equity + Inclusion (DEI), political, film, TV, and beverage industries. From proposal to project delivery, I achieve a deep understanding of your brand ethos from our interpretive listening + immersion of your brand culture, personality, and values.

• PRESS: Featured on AdWeek.com, AdAge.com, Forbes.com
• GDUSA Design Award Recipient 2022 - Branding & Typography, Font Infusions 
• GDUSA Design Award Recipient 2023 - Pop Culture Audit Podcast Cover
• GDUSA Design Award Recipient 2023 - Anderson Behavior Group Brand Identity 
• C2A Honorable Mention for Font Infusions
• Designed and illustrated the 1st Facebook game for a major spirits brand.
• National ACE Grant Winner
• Filipino American National Historical Society of Chicago Member

I received my BFA from Columbia College Chicago in Advertising Art Direction, studied Illustration at Northern Illinois University. and studied in the Summer Program for Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

I am also the founder of the 1st woman-and-Filipino-American-owned font foundry in the U.S. called Font Infusions

When I’m not designing brands for my clients, you can find me practicing yoga with my 4-year-old human and 10-year-old Boston Terrier nearby, planning the next travel destination, stuffing my face at vegan food fests, and advocating for fellow Filipino, AANHPI, and BIPOC founders.

A vision for a better future one design tincture at a time.

Jacinta J. Williams

Founder, Chief Consultant 
EdLiberate Consulting, LLC

It was absolutely amazing working with Aireen on the branding for my company, logo, and website. She was able to listen to my sometimes incoherent rambling on the vision of my company and bring it to life in a way that made my vision clearer for myself. Throughout our work together, she balanced her ideas on the design with my feedback leading to branding that exceeded all of my expectations. Not only is she really good, she's also quite fast, which is always a bonus. If you're thinking about partnering with Aireen (and it is a true partnership), stop thinking and do it. I promise you, you won't regret it!

Mike Stone

executive director

Working with Brim Branding and Aireen has been a truly rewarding experience. We always felt like our project was Aireen’s number one concern.

We were equally impressed with the research done for Brim Branding to fully understand out market and needs. With full confidence, we recommend Brim Branding for your logo and branding needs.

Brynne Hovde

co-founder & operations
nova collective

I started working with Aireen nearly 10 years ago, and can’t imagine not having her as our creative partner. Brim Branding has not only created stunning design and produced flawless executions, they have become a strategic partner for our business. Brim is so much more than “good design”, it is good strategy, good thinking, good process and excellent results. I sing Aireen & Brim’s praises to anyone who will listen! 

Megan Robles

I loved working with Aireen. She always approaches projects with a positive attitude and delivers work on time. Aireen’s ability to receive feedback and incorporate changes is one of her greatest strengths. She delivers work based on briefs and goes above and beyond with additional options. I’ve worked with Aireen on two very different brands and her ability to adapt and execute projects based on the needs of the brand is exceptional.


Brian Nunez

Events & Marketing Director

Working with Brim Branding was not only a pleasure but a wonderful learning experience as well. Aireen made us a part of the process. She listened and understood our needs and was able to create branding design that our community will thrive with!

Taire Souza

I have worked with Aireen for over 10 years within multiple companies, and endless projects. Her creativity and attention to details are exceptional. Her ability to create a design based on an idea given, is extremely efficient and seamless. Her attitude and compassion for her client’s vision is the best in the business. I highly recommend Aireen’s design services to any company or brand! 

founder & ceo
stir brands

darrell jursa

managing director

Aireen is amazing. Her work is simply spectacular and has allowed me over the years to represent ideas big and small that have made my clients happy, profitable and loyal. I have no problem recommending Aireen to anyone.

Laura Oldham

founder & ceo
starburst media

Aireen has worked with me the most on web and print design, and I’ve always been very impressed with the work that she’s delivered. Her designs flow well and have always captured the brand identity very, very well. She’s designed logos for me, worked with me on brand books, and helped define the direction that my projects should take, and I’ve always been very happy with her recommendations. She is very punctual with her work and always delivers a quality final product.

Michelle Cox-Vergara

founder & owner,
Michelle Cox Photography

Aireen did a fantastic job taking me through my brand road map and offering clarity on who my ideal client is. Going through this process with Aireen was extremely valuable because it was a process that I put off for far too long. Aireen was thorough throughout the process, wanting to fully understand my position and views before moving forward with every step. All in all, the process was wonderful to go through and I am so excited to implement Aireen’s recommendations into my business and marketing plans.

Alison Andrews

founder & owner,
alison andrews day spa

Working with Aireen for over 10 years has not only been invaluable to my business, it’s been fun as well. The spa industry is very competitive and she focused on what made us unique and developed a plan that gave us the clear and direct voice we were seeking for our brand. Aireen kept us focused throughout all our projects, which were numerous. In a world filled with everyone making promises to help you succeed and grow your business, I will say without hesitation, Aireen means it and cares about you and your business.

Bridgette Barry

director of marketing

When we reached out to Aireen I expected to work with a talented designer that would provide visually compelling imagery for our corporate event. What we got was so much more. Starting with an in-depth strategy session, she challenged our to team to really think about our audience, goals, and the purpose of our event. Not only did the output of this session come through in her designs, it helped us to ultimately plan and execute a better event.  Aireen was incredible to work with every step of the way and I look forward to working with her in the future.  











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