What makes a Brand Identity successful?

We at Brim Branding LOVE shaping brand identity for our clients! Successful brand design authentically represents your values and connects with your distinctive audience.

Another way of thinking of brand identity is that It’s the bridge that connects a company (who aims to sell goods/services) to their audience (the company’s buyers/clients). (It’s not just about fonts and logos, although those are definitely part of it. ^_^)

Some important elements of a successful brand identity include:

  • Defined voice and tone
  • What sets you apart
  • Your brand’s culture and personality
  • Creating customer profiles
  • Identifying your style
  • Examining your WHY

As a founder, you’re focused on doing what you do best for your clients. And a good brand designer will help translate your message – both verbally and visually – for your audience.

Let Brim Branding be the bridge between you and your audience. Schedule a call with our lead brand designer to find out more!

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