Choosing the Right Name for Your Brand

Pick a name! But not *any* name.

When scrolling Instagram, do you ever find a cool new product from a targeted ad and make a note to yourself to remember it later, only to be frustrated that, when the time comes, you can’t? If you’re thinking of finally launching your business, you want to debut with a brand name that will stick with your ideal customer and not get lost in the noise. With all the new brands that are vying for your attention when scrolling, it’s more important than ever to find a name for your business that stands out.

Not only do you have to ensure your brand name stands out, but you have to be sure that no other company has it so you don’t catch a lawsuit.

And, while you’re avoiding a lawsuit, or at the very least a cease-and-desist, you also want your name to be memorable.

I know.

There is a ton of pressure to choose the right brand name for your business. And if you weren’t worried about it before reading this, you are now, right?

Don’t worry. I got you.

Brand Maestro Marty Neumeier, author of ‘The Brand Gap,’ lists 7 criteria for a good name:

  1. DISTINCTIVENESS. Does it stand out from the crowd, especially from other names in its class?
  2. BREVITY. Is it short enough to be easily recalled and used?
  3. APPROPRIATENESS. Is there a reasonable fit with the business purpose of the entity?
  4. EASY SPELLING AND PRONUNCIATION. Will most people be able to spell the name after hearing it spoken?
  5. LIKABILITY. Will people enjoy using it?
  6. EXTENDIBILITY. Does it have “legs”?
  7. PROTECTABILITY. Can it be trademarked?

Brim Branding has a brand naming framework that will lead you to the right name for you. It involves the following:

  • 2 guided sessions
  • Curated naming committee
  • Research
  • Fun exercises
  • Voting

After you complete a brand naming session with Brim Branding, you’ll have a brand name you’ll love and be proud of.

And for peace of mind and to make sure you avoid that lawsuit, we recommend consulting with a trademark and copyright lawyer who specializes in protecting your brand.

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