Vision for 2023

“Spark” is my vision for 2023. What’s yours?

Every year, my business consultant asks me to pick a word that embodies my vision for the next 12 months. By the end of 2022, the palpable pressure of getting ALL THE THINGS DONE left a void in my creative heart. I had lost the spark to create for myself.

This year, I want to rekindle that spark.

I want to recapture the magic of creating with uncritical abandon, much like how a child looks up and dreams.

Look at the magic in her face! Look at that spark! I want that for myself again. Do you remember feeling this way? And if you already feel this for yourself, how do you maintain it?

Your turn!

What is your vision for 2023?

Comment down below and share with me! And maybe we can make your vision happen together.

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