Case Study: Brand Identity for EdLiberate Consulting

One of the best problems for a business owner is to be so well established as an expert in your specialty that you already have the clients… but no brand identity. This was the case with EdLiberate Consulting when they approached me with the opportunity to design a brand identity for their DEI firm. They secured a sales funnel that promised a steady flow of incoming business, but they needed a complete, quality brand identity package that matched the high-caliber service they were already providing for their clients.

With extensive experience in multiple industries, including public health, education (public, charter, independent, and international), nonprofits, and corporation, founder Jacinta Williams saw an opportunity to create a better reality for all when we center the people who are most marginalized in the current system. By using research-based tools and frameworks to disrupt the status quo, she works with industry leaders to a design system where everyone has the conditions they deserve to thrive in the environment.


  1. Discovery Session

We immersed ourselves in the origins of Ms. Williams’s spark of urgency to start her DEI consulting firm during a 2-hour virtual meeting. We aligned the project goals, established positioning, delved into what drives her target client, explored the client journey, identified her brand attributes, and pinpointed what made her brand unique.

  1. Brand Recipe

Over the next few weeks, our Brim team distilled the discoveries made during the session into a comprehensive Brand Recipe, which included EdLiberate Consulting’s messaging, competitor profiles, visual inspiration, and strategy points to help achieve their short term and long term goals. The Brand Recipe is the foundation for any graphic design, marketing, and advertising for the brand.

  1. Logo design

Using the approved Brand Recipe as a reference, we transitioned to the logo design process. With EdLiberate Consulting’s customers in mind, we presented three strategic options for Ms. Williams to review. From there, she selected 2 favorites with some edits. Then we moved to finalize the approved final logo design!


The final primary logo with tagline.

The final result is a logo that portrays EdLiberate Consulting as a specialized, approachable, and credible DEI consultancy for leaders and international organizations.

A key concept in EdLiberate Consulting’s approach is redesign. They help organizations create real, equitable change by redesigning their systems so they empower everyone across all levels, resulting in strengthened relationships, fostered trust, and stronger, equitable outcomes for everyone.

This is represented by the icon within the logo. The radial, dynamic icon is one that suggests movement in two ways:

  1. Movement in the process of redesigning systems
  2. Movement of the work to be done by EdLiberate Consulting’s clients, internally and externally.

The triangular shapes that burst outside the circles represent outreach, breaking boundaries, and helping their clients grow on a global scale. The selective filled-in shapes within the triangles represent the constructive work to be done to build systems of equity. The circles also suggest an optimistic ripple effect of impactful DEI work. The icon can also suggest data/charts/graphs since EdLiberate Consulting implements data in their approach. This icon is balanced with a clean, san serif typeface that is friendly and professional.

Web design by Pixel Jam Digital.

The Brand Recipe and Logo Design are just the beginning. Brim Branding’s Brand Identity Package may also include:

  • Typography
  • Style Guide
  • Stylescape
  • Color Palette
  • Icon Design
  • Design Writing
  • Website Copywriting

These service offerings are customizable according to your specific needs.

Ready to shake up your own brand identity? Book a discovery session with us here.

To learn more about EdLiberate Consulting, visit their website here.

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