Celebrating Native American Heritage Through Typography

November is National Native American Heritage Month. I am celebrating by honoring Native American typographic designers and artists. I recently found out about Ezhishin, a formative conference focused on Native North American typography.

Led by established and emerging Native designers, Ezhishin (which is the Ojibwe word for “s/he leaves a mark”) aims to facilitate conversations around the typographic needs of First Nations / Native American communities.

Since culture and heritage are passed down through language, it is imperative to shine a light on Native North American designers who are working to preserve it.

Typographica Library is a digital bookshelf of type and lettering resources that features a list of Native North American type & type designers.

I feel a particular connection to and empathy for the history of Native North Americans. Most of the Philippines’ history is weighted by the conflict of colonization. Just as I am working to discover my own roots abroad and as a second-generation Filipino American, I am also working to acknowledge and honor the history of the Native American people who first lived on this land that I call home.

I hope you’ll learn along with me.

For more about Ezhishin and Native North American typography, please see the resources below:

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Typographica Library

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