Brand Identity Design: Tell, Don’t Show

Writers have an adage: Show, don’t tell.

When starting brand identity design, Brim Branding flips it: “Tell, don’t show.”

The common misconception about brand identity is that it is ALL about the logo. I’m here to tell you that your brand is not your logo.

Your logo is an expression of your brand identity. It is not the brand identity itself.

As a lifelong, serial entrepreneur, I know how exciting it is to get started with those visuals. But if you’re launching a brand and want to set a solid foundation for it, I invite you to take a moment to consider laying the groundwork for your brand. The way to do that is to identify the heart of your brand.

The heart of your brand lives in:

  1. What you care about (your core values)
  2. Who you care about (your customers)
  3. How you serve them (your mission statement).

Once you succinctly identity your values, customers, and mission, then you can distill those elements into a visual representation of your brand (your logo).

Brim Branding helps start-ups who need branding from the ground up. If you need help identifying the heart of your brand, we’re the perfect tonic for your business. Contact us!

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