I’m designing fonts!

That’s right. After 15+ years of using and perusing fonts off the shelf, I’m finally experimenting with making my own.

And I took a class from the best in class

It’s been eons since I took an actual typography course, and I love learning from others, so I signed up for a class taught by veteran branding and design maestro, Matteo Bologna, called ‘Type Design for Non-Type Designers.’

It felt great to connect with other branding and design professionals who were looking to expand their skills, all from different time zones across the globe. It was also quite a treat to get tips from one of the creators of THE premiere font-designing app (Glyphs), Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer.

1.) A sneak peek of a font in progress. 2.) The playful repartee and good-natured jabs between course instructors Matteo Bologna and Rainer Scheichelbauer were worth the price of admission in itself. 3.) Another sneak peek of a font in progress. Inspiration for this one: My daughter.

Guest starring…

On the last day of class, the other half of the Glyphs font design and software developing duo, Georg Seifert, made a cameo. The students and I then spent the rest of the class watching him design a handful of glyphs with the effortlessness of a magician performing a trick for the thousandth time. Wow.

Will I be sharing more about my font experimentation journey in the future?

MAYBE! (Maybe, as in, YES.) Stay tuned.

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