Meet me at BevNET Live and NOSH Live Winter 2020!

I’m excited to be listed as a speaker at BevNET Live and NOSH Live Winter 2020!

The bi-yearly industry events are happening this week and next with BevNET Live taking place on Dec. 7th through Dec. 9th and NOSH Live taking place on Dec. 14 through Dec. 16th.

As a participant in the inaugural Designer Speed Dating event, brands have the opportunity to have a virtual meeting with me to talk about how I can help with their branding and design. It’ll be super exciting to have quick, 10-minute speed meetings with several food and beverage brands and learn about their goals. And then after, we’ll see if we’re a match and we can work together!

One of my most favorite parts of creating brand strategy and graphic design in the food and beverage industry is hearing founders’ stories and what drives them.

The founders I get most excited about are those who believe that they have an opportunity to make the world a better place with their products. Nothing gets my heart soaring higher than hearing about how a founder who found a higher calling in helping others. I also resonate with founders who give back to their communities with a cause-minded brand.

I took a peep at the list of brands and founders who will be participating in the Designer Speed Dating event, and I hope I’m lucky enough to meet a good match or two!

And even if it’s not love at first sight, that’s okay.

What’s beautiful about the food and beverage industry is that it’s a supportive community.

I have found that it’s not about the immediate payoff. My most rewarding relationships have come from those long-term relationships where we keep in touch over a period of time, and then if the right project comes along, we’ll dive in together.

Some may be looking for a quick fix, but not me, baby! I’m a girl who loves long-term relationships, and I hope I can help whoever turns out to be my match!

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