Photo Shoot with Michelle Cox Photography

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Change isn’t easy… except when you have a great photographer taking your photos.

At the beginning of 2019, I changed the company’s name from Brim Design Co. to Brim Branding to focus more on the strategy-before-design approach for projects. To communicate this visually, in March, I did a photo session with Michelle Cox Photography, who captured me in action during a brand strategy session.

With me positioning my company as a strategy-first creative firm, it was important to show potential clients what this means when in action.

If you’re not familiar with what a brand strategy/discovery session is, the very nascent thought of it can be intimidating or confusing. I’m a visual person, so – putting myself in my potential clients’ shoes – if I saw a snapshot of what a session looks like in action, it would be a little less scary for me to inquire about.

We did our session at The National location at WeWork in Chicago. What I love about each WeWork location is that each has its own idiosyncrasies that makes it unique to that location. I gelled most with The National location, because of its especially quirky wall art, and its close, 5-minute-walk proximity to the Metra LaSalle Street Station.

Brand strategy session outfit essentials: Blazer, blouse, leggings, and white Chucks.

The National is also down the street from one of my favorite places to eat, Native Foods Cafe. (Do yourself a favor and get the buffalo wings – crispy, with buffalo sauce. [drooooooool] You might think it’s redundant to ask for buffalo wings with buffalo sauce, but they offer three different sauces, so you need to clarify.)

I’ve incorporated my new images in Brim Branding’s socials, proposals, post-session surveys, and website.

If you’re looking for photography for your business or event, do yourself the biggest favor and contact Michelle Cox-Vergara of Michelle Cox Photography. She’s fantastic with details and logistics like communication and scheduling. And of course, her photography is beautiful, in that it’s a more natural, authentic, photojournalistic style that captures moments as they’re happening.

Her working style is wonderful, because her warm and bright demeanor makes you feel comfortable and allows you to check whatever baggage you have about your appearance at the door. Her working energy is also quick and effortless, as she’s shooting away at a mile-a-minute, so you feel like she’s not missing a thing.

Michelle looking super-cute as ever. This is not her working, but taking a well-deserved victory coffee after our session.

Can we also talk about her turnaround time with images? Michelle had hundreds of fully edited digital images ready for my review in one week. One week! She allows you to choose your image delivery between digital download or flash drive. I opted for flash drive delivery, since downloading each and every photo would’ve taken far too long just because there were hundreds.

Also, I recommend going with the flash drive option, because it’s the fanciest flash drive I’ve ever seen, with a Michelle Cox custom-engraved logo on crystal. I mean… how freakin’ fancy is that??

Ooh, we fancy with that crystal engraving.

She also included a handwritten Thank You note (on heavy, equally fancy notecard). It’s those details right down to the very end of the client interaction that set apart any business from the rest.

Ooh we fancy with that heavy card stock.

With all of these phenomenal attributes, it’s no surprise Michelle has been my go-to photographer for years. (I have to also note that her specialty is weddings, so it’s even amazing that her business and event photos are fantastic.)

Hey you. Need some event photography? Call Michelle Cox Photography.

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