Your brand is about more than your logo

What’s the 1st thing you think of when talking about branding? It’s the logo, right? Yes, it’s a big part, but it’s just one part of a brand. A logo is a representation of what’s inside a company and what really matters: The heart. A truly strong brand is in touch with their heart and can communicate that clearly.

When a brand is able to identify what drives them and WHY they do what they do, that brand can clearly communicate with their ideal customers and turn them from passive consumers into brand evangelists and raving fans.

A strong heart is exactly why Apple is often referred to as one of the gold standards of brilliant brand execution. A strong heart is exactly why Apple has diehard customers and countless blogs dedicated to Apple fandom. (See,, and your next-door neighbor and co-worker who just won’t shut up about the latest iPhone.)

Apple’s heart is about innovation, creativity, and design. Those values inform the brand execution in all touchpoints, from the sleek product lines and their simple and high quality packaging (and the sleek white storefronts they sell them in), user-friendly interfaces, and support of creators. And yes, even down to their logo.

So when you’re looking to create your brand, start with determining the heart. After that, you can work on putting your best brand face forward.

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