Brim Design Co. is now Brim Branding!

1-minute read

The pros of the name change are plenty:

  • It presents us as a strategy-first consultancy rather than just a firm with short term design solutions. We don’t do flings; we love committed relationships.
  • We want to see your company start off on the right foot so you can immediately connect with YOUR IDEAL target customer.
  • “Brim Branding” rolls off the tongue more quickly and easily.
  • It’s more fun to say, “Double B” than “BDC.”
  • Speaking of fun and double Bs… Alliteration!

As much as I loved the name, Brim Design Co. (and despite me updating the name from Aerial Ardour, LLC to Brim Design Co. as recently as Fall 2018), the reasons for the change were compelling enough to do it. If you find yourself needing to make a change, figure out if the pros are numerous and compelling enough, and make the jump!

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